Learning Outcomes

The Urban Media Art Academy works towards learning outcomes in between disciplinary approaches and culturally and geographically situated knowledge systems. Each program is developed according to the current issues and needs of the urban and societal context of its site-contextual setting. It finds its point of departure in local knowledge systems and epistemologies, fusing these with hybrid and globalized ideas.

Across our four program modules – Action Research Lab, Ideation Lab, Production Lab and Evaluation Lab – you will acquire:


  • Knowledge of historical, urban and societal contexts and situations of media art as a domain of thinking and practice in a broader interdisciplinary field of media arts and cultures
  • Knowledge of technological philosophies
  • Knowledge of practice-based methodologies and their application in artistic research and production
  • Knowledge of relevant hypotheses relating to artistic thinking and practice with urban media art



  • Ability to combine and transfer viewpoints from architecture, urban development, cinema, performance, audio-visual, arts and cultural studies, design, music culture, activism, science, neuroscience, among domains
  • Ability to research, contextualize and validate media art conceptualization, production and curation
  • Advanced ability to operationalise artistic and curatorial research methods and in-depth reflection in artistic and curatorial production
  • Ability to develop original art concepts and tactics and apply them in artistic research and production
  • Ability to develop original curatorial ideas and apply them in curatorial research and production
  • Ability to formulate and illustrate an artistic or curatorial perspective for urban media art between theory and practice; that can make a point of departure for academic analysis or for formulating artistic calls, concepts for festivals, conceptualization of artworks, critical reviews, etc.
  • Ability to transfer thinking and practice processes reflecting knowledge systems and value world across cultures and geographical contexts



  • Advanced competencies related to urban contextual development and implementation of media art projects
  • Advanced competencies in developing artistic and curatorial thinking, concepts and production to advance the urban field of media arts and cultures in response to globally important – and urgent – issues