Rodrigo Gontijo

Rodrigo Gontijo is an artist, researcher and teacher at the SENAC University Center. He has a master’s degree and is PhD student in Multimedia from the Institute of Arts of UNICAMP. He develops live cinema projects, contemporary dance, performances, poetic documentaries, film-essays and installations since 2004. His individual and collective works have already been presented at shows and festivals in many places in Brazil such as São Paulo Art Biennial, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, SESC, Red Bull Station and also in Canada (Tangent Danse Contemporaine in Montreal), Argentina (ASAECA), Spain (International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art) and Marrocos (On Marche – Marrakesh). He was awarded with the prestigious APCA Prize and Gramado Festival. In the field of documentary, Gontijo directed some works, among them The scarce air of an island, about the civil war in East Timor, (awarded in the Gramado Festival / 2005); Kuaray – the story of a Brazilian (Proac – preservation of indigenous memory / 2010), Jaraguá – land without evil (2008), Heliópolis – a place in the sun (2011) and Sounds of Penha – Neighborhood Notes (2013) for TV Cultura – Public Television in a project called “Stories of São Paulo’s Neighborhoods”.



Live Cinema performances with documentary and film-essay narratives and documentaries that bring visibility to groups in situations of social exclusion.



Narratives modes of live cinema and the relations between audiovisual performance, poetic documentary and film-essay





rodrigogontijo (at) gmail . com