Network & Publications


Academy organizers and faculty members take up board memberships, reviews committees and juries in contexts such as Media Architecture Biennale, Media Art Histories, and Human-Computer Interaction. They are involved with exhibition networks such as Connecting Cities (Global, China), and exhibition frameworks including the Streaming Museum, MUTEK_IMG (Montreal, Canada), Urbane Künste Ruhr, Microwave International Art Festival (Hong Kong), Screen City Biennial (Stavanger, Norway), SESI SP Urban Digital Gallery (Sao Paulo, Brazil).



Publications by primary faculty members include:

Ag, Tanya Toft (ed.), Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art. Bristol: Intellect, 2019. Forthcoming.

Manach, Laëtitia and Susa Pop (eds.) Creativity in Urban Context: An Action Research Project by Future Divercities. Self-published, printed by Printera, Croatia, 2017.

Pop, Susa, Tanya Toft, Nerea Calvillo, Mark Wright (eds.). What Urban Media Art Can Do, What Why When Where & How.  Stuttgart: Avedition, 2016.

Pop, Susa; Gernot Tscherteu, Ursula Stadler, and Miriam Struppek. Urban Media Cultures. Stuttgard: avedition GmbH, 2012.

Toft, Tanya. Images of Urgency: A Curatorial Inquiry With Contemporary Urban Media Art. Ph.D. Dissertation. Copenhagen: Copenhagen University, 2017.

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