Jacelyn Ng

Jacelyn is an aspiring artist who mixes her crafts with code, combining the tangible and the unimaginable. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Interactive Media at the School of Art, Design & Media in NTU. She has always been curious about the idea of sublimity and the silence that nature has and once had and is deeply inspired by the environment and its issues spanning from light pollution to soundscapes. Through her craft, Jacelyn hopes to preserve the natural of the world before they vanish completely. As with human technological accomplishments, comes with the loss of our natural silence in the ever-rising din of man-made noise.




Urban media art could be a platform used to create awareness of rising issues in Singapore. Issues like the importance of one’s mental health is one of the major problem nowadays. With technology, ideas could be stretched further on how one would like to present or execute one’s art. For example, generative art could be used as a form of data visualisation by using real-time data. With this, urban media art is the new world that combines both technology and the society as one.