Menglu Xu

MengLu Xu graduated from BeiHang University of illustration art with the first ranking and an outstanding graduate of Beijing. She also has been studied in Venice Academy of Fine Arts as an exchange student during undergraduate period. Now She is a first grade master student of digital media and virtual reality in BUAA. And as a trans-disciplinary student, She recognizes more possibility of art.

She has tried various forms of artistic expression and painting media, and created lots of works, covering not only painting (oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, printmaking, watercolor etc.) but also animation, film and television, graphic design and so on. (Poster design, logo design, APP design, packaging design, book design etc.) Actually, most of these works have got professional awards such as University Students Arts Festival, Academy Awards , New media art and design annual exhibition, etc.




In my opinion, I think traditional forms of artistic expression may have been deeply rooted in our mind, so it is urgent for art to be presented in a new way in modern society, that is, using new media language. And technology and art are complementary to each other. This is also the reason I choose change my major during the postgraduate period.

I made a work before which use different material to form the shape of a car. The car represent the so-called “modernization” or “digital era”. This work I want to express the reflect of whether the technology have enslaved us in turn which originally designed to meet our needs, and will they enslave us in the future? Or can they open up new ways of thinking, action and creation? Is this trend a blessing or a curse? I am very interested in this issue.