Muhammad Shaherfi

A budding artist with a passion for game design and analyzing game as art, currently studying at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art Design and Media. Video games had been a huge impact in his life since a very young age, shaping his values and virtues and he wishes to contribute to the industry and do the same for the next generation. At the moment he is interested in the potential that modern day games have through the art of doing and interactivity rather than simply showing. Most of his projects try to invoke a sense of catharsis or healing through action.


Urban Art has always been associated with the street and the idea of rebellion. To me, Urban art is a physical manifestation of the collective subconscious of a city or a country. Thoughts that have been suppressed, voices that have been silenced usually don’t stay hidden for long and eventually find its ways on the walls of the street, done by the artist who themselves been suppressed. I think developing the Urban Art Scene in Singapore, whose citizens are known to be passive would allow for interesting intellectual discourse amongst its people and would elevate our population as intellectuals to not be able to just think but think critically. We are a rich and happy nation on the surface. The art on the street might say otherwise.