Viena Lee Lin Tsin

Viena is an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in the Art, Design, and Media program. Her interest in immersive spaces leads her to explore different mediums and mechanics for new ways to reach out to her audiences. Viena believes that this platform has the capacity to convey thoughts and influences to individuals in a multi-dimensional way. On the side, she also enjoys illustrating and storytelling through videography.



I believe that Urban Art would definitely beautify Singapore and make art a lot more accessible and recognized in our own society. Right now, art may be perceived to some as something that only a niche audience could consume and appreciate. But as Urban Art could be displayed in such a large scale, it would bring art directly to the people instead. On top of that, the idea that art is not confined in a white gallery but is now able to be showcased in a public space might make it more appealing to the general public as well. Hence, I am looking forward to the possibilities that this form of art would impart to us.