Academy Goals

The Urban Media Art Academy offers educational intensives in various artistic, practical and scholarly environments around the world. Programs are developed in partnerships with local arts and culture organizations, city labs and universities and designed for the specific local context and its urgencies. Programs combine readings, keynotes, lectures, field trips, seminars, workshops, and public symposia.

The Academy has three main goals:

  1. Explore epistemologies for urban media art: integrate diverse cultural knowledge systems to further urban media art as a holistic domain of criticality, complexity, experimentation, and mediation
  2. Develop site-specific practice methodologies: intermediate and
    globally transfer knowledge of practice methodologies and co-
    creation processes with urban media art as a critical participant in creative city making and urban change
  3. Build networks for knowledge transfer and exchange: further urban media art as a domain that connects practices, theories, and ideas across local, global, and hybrid contexts