Fields of Rain


Urban Art Project for Emotional Transitions, Bangkok Program November 2017
Bangkok’s weather is one of factors that the lifestyles inside and outside of buildings are very separated. The artist wants to make an immersive public art that invites people to take a walk between pillars of glass and water, relieving the rush of being outside by using the existing elements of Bangkok outside of the building.

Field of Rain is an urban art proposal which aims to turn Bangkok natural elements into an installation of light. The middle prism will act like a hand of clock rotating slowly directing light in to the other one but it will only happen when there is enough rain. The others are solid glass and disperse the light from the normal days, letting people see the colours of light they cannot normally see.

Field of Rain is a project which would let the public reconsider their relation to the urban context outside of the buildings, as how rain and sunlight are also the sources of life.

Field of Rain exhibition Poster