Fernando Velásquez

Fernando Velázquez, [Montevideo, Uruguay, 1970 ] lives and works in Sao Paulo. He is interested in the sensorial and cognitive capabilities of human body in relation with the increasing mediation of perception by digital devices. His work  in the crossing of different fields of knowledge as art, technology, philosophy, neuroscience, among others, as a way to create hybrid process. His work includes videos, interactive installations and objects, audiovisual performances and algorithms images. He has a Master in Fashion, Art and Culture (SENAC_SP), and is pos graduated in Video and on/off line technologies (MECAD- BCN). He has participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, highlighting The Matter of Photography in the Americas (Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, USA, 2018), Emoção Art.ficial (Itaú Cultual, Brazil, 2012), Cyberfest (Russia, 2012), Mapping Festival (Switzerland, 2011), WRO Biennale (Poland, 2011), Mercosul Biennale (Brazil, 2009) and the Pocket Film Festival at Centre Pompidou (France, 2007). He be honored with the Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award (Brazil, 2009), Locative Media Arte.Mov (Brazil, 2008), Vida Artificial (Spain, 2008) and 2008 Cultures (Spain, 2008) among others. He has organized many projects and exhibitions and since 2015 is the curator and artistic director of Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Urban Daydreams – an invitation to wander around the city center to discover and draw (pencil and notebook) perceptual maps.


  • Mediation of perception in public space
  • Transdisciplinar studies and exploration of urban space






fernando (at) velazquez . com . br