Patricia Moran

Professor of the Department of Film, Radio and Television of the School of Communication Arts at the University of São Paulo, she is lecturer in Cinema Direction, and Audiovisual for designers. She holds a PhD in Communication and Semiotics from PUC São Paulo. She is currently director of Cinusp Paulo Emilio, cinema from University of São Paulo, and researcher of the LAICA – Research Laboratory of Audiovisual Critic.  Her research focuses on real time audiovisual performances and live images projections, her current project; Audiovisual Performance: materiality as image and representation is funded by FAPESP, Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo. She has published several essays, and edited books as Machinima (University of São Paulo, 2011) Transversal Cinema (Cinemas Transversais, Iluminuras, 2016), among others. She is currently working on a book, with Marcus Bastos, focused on Real Time Performance in Brazil.



patriciamoran [at] usp . br



culture industry, theory, history of modern and contemporary audiovisual forms, especially audiovisual performance (small and large scale) and experimental art as: cinema, video and documentary. Presence of technology in contemporary life, art and design.


Presentation at UMAA

Media texture as city time