Tanya Toft Ag

Dr. Tanya Toft Ag is curator, researcher, writer and lecturer examining urban media art as a domain of criticality in contemporary digital culture and urban, media aesthetic contexts. She explores curatorial practices with urban media art and media architectures and new exhibition schemes for urban environments. She gained her degrees from Copenhagen University and The New School, vising Columbia University, Konstfack (CuratorLab) and Auckland University. Having presented her research at international conferences worldwide, she was the keynote speaker at Live the City 2016 in Bangkok and City Link Conference 2015 in Copenhagen. She is Associate Curator at the Streaming Museum (NYC) and Verve Cultural (São Paulo) and a member of various conference and gallery boards, including the jury of the Open Sky Gallery (Hong Kong) in 2016. In 2017 she initiated the Urban Media Art Academy with Susa Pop.