Naween Noppakun

Naween had considerable experience in music and sound design before moving to visual art and literature, which he has worked for much of his life ever since. His first short film, WHEN HER LIGHT IS EXTINGUISHED, has been screened in Paris, New York and Toronto where it won the third prize. He has recently finished his second short film, WE LOVE ME (2017), which is the first work in “Public Happiness” series about Post-Media life in Bangkok. It will be screened across Asia, Europe and North America in 2018.



Urban media art can utilize technology in order to give different way to engage, interact and even co-create with audience like never before. Therefore, it can connect the feeling, thought and ideas between inhabitants in the city without space constraint.





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Naween is a Thai moving-image artist. Growing up among hyper-narrative culture and rapid urbanisation of Bangkok, Naween expressively questions his humanism and spiritual distress through his works with complex utilisation of medium.