Bangkok Workshop Projects

21 August 2017

Based on an open call following the Bangkok | Apr 2017-program, six projects have been selected by a jury for further development in an Ideas & Concepts Workshop in November 2017.

The six projects are (random order):

Field of Rain by Titirat Skultantimayta
(Plexiglas/rain/light sculpture)
An Installation that incorporates nature to complete the experience. Empty, transparent pillars are filled after a rainfall. When the sun is out again, these pillars then turn into prisms once the sun shines through. The project aims to reshape the behavior of Bangkokians that avoid the sun and rain and rarely spend time outdoors.

Emoti-Khon Live Display Mirror by Bank Ngamarunchot, Pat Pataranutaporn, Sornchai Chatviriyachai
(Real-time interactive screen installation)
A real-time, interactive mirror screen that detects visitors’ facial expressions and represent them by “Khon” (Thai mythical character) emoticons. While interacting, people are more conscious of their emotions through facial expressions, concerning existence, self-reflection, and human subjectivity in a creative way in urban settings.

Digitalized Potluck by Phatharita Thassanaraphan
(Telepresent Community Project)
An interactive projection on dining tables that digitalizes traditional potluck, allowing participants provide information about their food or comment on other people’s food via social media. Random seats will also be arranged to encourage further interaction among visitors.

Rainbow Naga by Kristina Mah, Luke Hespanhol
(Interactive Light Installation)
Naga-inspired, kinetic installation on sky train platforms made from prisms of colorful acrylic sheets and LEDs that rotate when trains depart, casting colorful shadow over the platform and the space below.

Re:Incarnated by Naween Noppakun
(Data visualisation)
A real-time interaction that interrupts existing commercial screens on BTS stations when CO2 level is high. When sensors detect enough attention of waiting passengers, they can exchange texts with other stations.

AiHi by Marcelo von Schwartz
(Artificial Intelligence installation)
An AI (artificial intelligence), inspired by the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, tells visitors what to do, from easy, competitive, to aggressive tasks to question impact of AI in today’s world and create cross interactions between AI, mass, and individual.