Clarita Saslim

Born in Jakarta, Clarita currently lives in Singapore, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Interactive Media in Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media.

A dreamer, thinker, and a lover, Clarita pours her soul into her craft and hopes to be a visionary artist, expressing herself through illustration, interactive devices, installations, and designing experiences.

Influenced by her upbringing in multiple cultures, she also takes inspiration from the world around her. She believes that everything is interconnected and takes interest specifically in human interactions and behaviour. Keeping up with the digital world, she actively explores the possibilities of technology in her art, but also focuses on the physical experience, which is the essence of interaction.

With her interest in theatre, theme parks and circuses, Clarita hopes to further pursue her passion in the performing arts and eventually contribute back to the arts community in Indonesia.




I think that urban media art has a lot of potential to contribute to Singapore. Still emerging in the contemporary public art scene, I feel that it is not understood enough by the general Singapore public yet. In this increasingly developed world, it is important to embrace the advancing technological literacy and use it as a means of exploration of our urban environment.

Urban media art can reach a large audience and this means greater inclusivity in art. There is a possibility of engaging people in a way that museums can’t accommodate to, and also a chance to educate the public through this newer form of art-making.