Erik Axel Eggeling

My name is Erik Axel Eggeling and I’m a media artist working with video and moving light. I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden and my educational background is in architectural and stage lighting, programming, urban planning and civil engineering. Among other things, I’ve been working with exploring the intersection between visual music and architectural lighting, translating real-time motion graphics into moving light.

It has become clear that my interest in spatial video is shared with the media architecture community. Although Sweden arguably is at the forefront of architectural lighting, there are very few examples of projects relating to media architecture here. Consequently, I am planning to visit the MAB in Beijing. It was when reading about Susa Pop that I found out that the Urban Media Art Academy has a workshop connected to the Biennale, and I would be honoured to participate.

When it comes to the theme and location, I have to confess that my knowledge of Beijing is limited. However, one reference project directly comes to mind: Nuage Vert by HeHe, first conceived in Helsinki in 2008. Their project shows that – in a city struggling with air quality problems – media architecture can clearly be one way to reach a better living environment for the residents.