Margaret Suhasini Anthony

Margaret Suhasini Anthony is specializing in interactive media. In our major we focus a lot on concept development and ways in which we could infuse technology into our works. The reason for me to choose this major is because of our tech-based future and the efficiency technology can provide for our society.  Thus far, I have worked with sensors, motors, and softwares such as processing and Max MSP. I am keen to learn and explore more about the ways technology can provide for us as well as the extent it could become a threat.



I believe that Urban media has the power to forge a sense of belonging between the people and place. Therefore, Urban media can be used as a tool in Singapore to aid in creating a connection between the people and Singapore. Singapore is known for being a  tourism hub therefore, Urban media can show people from around the world about herself. An example of Urban media that has impressed people from around the world is the light show that occurs in Gardens by the bay every Friday. The lights are infused within the Garden by the bay architecture and it moves according to music. Furthermore, Urban media can act as an aesthetic tool to enhance Singapore and this would thus, increase tourism and economy in Singapore.