Mavis Lim

Currently matriculated at Nanyang Technological University, I am an Interactive Media undergrad student from the School of Art, Design and Media. In my works, I try to incorporate a fun surface element based on complex issues to provoke thought on something seemingly superficial. While I enjoy coding for art, I’m also interested in other facets of design thinking such as UI/UX, Web Design, and Game Design.



Singapore is a fast-paced and ever-growing city where its inhabitants may not be able to plan out the time to visit art galleries, museums, and the sort. Situated in urban spaces, urban media art has the opportunity to be the accessible gateway and introduction to the average Singaporean to appreciate, enjoy, and understand art. Urban media art, in this sense, may also be able to pave the way for general acceptance of art that isn’t placed in a gallery or museum, allowing artists to expand their artistic options for future projects.