Sze Yi-An Bridgel

I am a 22 year old Interactive Media artist, currently in my third year at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design & Media. My works are centred around provoking deep though and questioning in my audience members and I hope to do so by using both digital and analog mediums in order to create interactivity for viewers. Before being exposed to digital mediums in school, one of my passions was illustrating and as such my goal as an artist on top of giving my viewers “food for thought” is to find ways to marry both digital and analog art into something which people can appreciate and enjoy.



Singapore is a city in which urban media is prominent in almost all aspects of day to day life; people here are constantly on their devices, interacting through social media, and going out into public spaces we are bombarded with screens and advertisements everywhere we go in this city. However, while there is an abundance of urban media, urban media art is scarce and events promoting such art are just as excuse to create “instagrammable” pieces. By taking on these mediums that Singaporeans are already familiar with, introducing more urban media art to Singapore can encourage Singaporeans to consume art in a way that they will find familiar and relevant.