TAN Jun Kang (Jake)

Jake’s dream is to be part machine, part artist. A self-taught programmer that came from a media background who eventually wound up in an Art school(NTU, School of Art, Design & Media). Most of his works consist of his design practice of applying user’s experience first whilst his passion lies within creating art with minicomputers, external and web-based sensors, and artificial intelligence. There is something intrinsic about machines imitating humans and humans imitating machines. Perhaps there is a middle ground where we can coexist?



Actually, what can Singapore do for Urban Media Art? In this digital era of instant gratification, where museums are slowly becoming the new landscape in photos, and art thrives beyond the galleries, to what means will Singapore do for Urban Art?

Outdoor festivals from I Light to Singapore Night Festival to Pasar Malams has created a yearly, monthly, numbing effect on Singaporeans. These are no longer spectacles, or maybe they still are? So what now can Singapore do for Urban Art I wonder.