Tianyu Kang

I am a lighting designer, my name is Tianyu Kang, I have worded in lighting design industry for 8 years. I have rich experience in lighting design. Cooperative architects include KPF, RTKL, SOM, GMP, GENSLER, OVAL, NEXT and so on. I provides lighting design and consultancy work for well-known real estate companies and business groups and services in urban lighting planning.

My design team is HG Lighting Design Co., Ltd. HG Lighting is to commit to creating a reasonable, comfortable, high-quality lighting space for the purpose of providing professional design services to satisfy customers.




As a lighting designer, the main means of urban media art is lighting design at night. The lighting of city night scene brings vitality to the city. It is not only a symbol of the city’s economic strength, but also a reflection of the level of city construction and management. Through the life of the art of “light”, cultural art, science and technology and urban environment are integrated, so that the image of the city can be artistically reproduced at night, creating a strong cultural atmosphere of the city, displaying the historical and cultural connotations of the city and modern cultural connotations, at the same time bringing unlimited business opportunities to businessmen and promoting them. Entered the development of tourism economy.