Wong Hui-Lin Tisya

Tisya Wong is an aspiring artist-designer hybrid, with a particular interest in creating immersive spatial experiences. She is currently pursuing a Degree in Interactive Media at the School of Art, Design & Media in NTU.

Wong has always been curious about human behavior – but more specifically, our interactions with objects and spaces. With a background in product design, Wong is also a firm believer of physical interactions, as well as its interdependent and intertwining relationship with technology. She also has a keen interest in material exploration and a mild obsession with water.



Singapore has created a lot of public spaces, especially in residential areas, where residents are able to congregate and engage in activities with one another. Despite the ideals and good intentions behind the creation of these spaces, residents do not often utilize them, hence leaving them abandoned and empty.

Urban media art is definitely one way in which these spaces can be re-introduced again to society, providing the residents with a fresh perspective on these common but forgotten spaces that we overlook in our everyday life. Through media art, we are able to form new interactions and forge stronger relationships among residents and possibly address the issues which they relate to.